EugCast Episode 22: Athena Delene

Season 2, Episode 22,   Aug 26, 2020, 03:54 PM

As a self proclaimed people person, Athena uses her craft to capture the underlying essence of a person's personality. She has won photographer of the year for the last two years and you will often find her at any large gathering of local folks clicking away capturing those enduring moments.

In this episode, Adam interviews Springfield resident Athena Delene.  She is a professional photographer who started and stayed local. Athena talks about how her interest in taking pictures began with her interest in "people." She considers herself a people person who uses photography to capture the underlying essence of a person's personality.  She relates this to why she loves to live in the Eugene/Springfield Area and her love of learning the craft. 

To view Athena's work and contact her: 
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