Thursday, August 20: Ashley's Wisdom Teeth Woes, Concert Behind The Scene Stories, Who Can Sing The Lowest Note?

Aug 20, 2020, 05:15 PM

President Trump calls in to talk about the DNC, Mike Lindell's coronavirus vaccine, and mail-in voting. (0:00)
Jason from Orange called in after hearing that Ashley was concerned about needing her wisdom teeth to pulled. Jason had his teeth pulled while in Iraq, by a special forces guy, that ripped out his teeth without anesthesia. (4:19)
A new world record for the world's lowest note ever sung, and Chaz and AJ had audio. (12:05)
Dumb Ass News - everyone tried to sing the lowest note they could muster, and then talked about a woman that attacked five police officers with her vagina. (13:34)
Scot Haney called in to try and convince Ashley that she should see a doctor for her teeth, and a Tribe member scared the crap out of her with a story about his mother's dental issues. (19:21)
Despite all the calls, Ashley still wasn't convinced that she needed to go to the dentist, so Mike the oral surgeon called in to tell her that she's wrong. In the middle of his call, Ashley's mom called in to yell at her, too. (29:06)
Jimmy Koplik takes calls from the Tribe about the CT concerts they remember for some behind-the-scenes details, and Al was fact-checked by Jimmy about a Black Sabbath show from the 70's. (33:15)
Amanda from Largay Travel was on to talk about local New England trips you can make. (38:06)

Image Credit: mkarco / iStock / Getty Images Plus