"The Catalyst Sessions" w/ Bill DeYoung: Ken Block and Andrew Copeland, the co-founders of Sister Hazel

Season 5, Episode 2176,  Aug 22, 2020, 09:27 PM

Ken Block and Andrew Copeland, the co-founders of Sister Hazel, guested on The Catalyst Sessions Friday. They began the program with an acoustic rendition of “All For You,” the band’s biggest, and most enduring, hit song.

They chose this one, Block explained, to “remind people who we are.”

As if anyone could forget. Platinum-selling Sister Hazel, based in Gainesville, is one of the most successful touring and recording bands to come out of Florida. With Block and Copeland on the front lines, the group still has all its original members – the same guys that came together to make music more than 25 years ago.

That is most likely a record.

The conversation covered a lot of ground, from Gainesville’s fertile early 1990s music scene to Sister Hazel’s up-close-and-personal relationship with fans worldwide, which has kept the band’s numbers, and spirits, up. They began a successful music cruise, The Rock Boat, 21 years ago, and it’s still going strong.

We also talked about their Lyrics For Life charity, which has raised nearly $3 million for pediatric cancer research and family support.

Block and Copeland will perform four shows for the Ruth Eckerd Hall lobby cabaret series, Sept. 3-7. The first three of the socially-distanced performances sold out the day they went on sale. #stpetecatalyst #TampaBay #Radio #sisterhazel #stpete #Florida