Rod Fox on market dynamics ahead of 1 January renewals, young talent and diversity issue - Part II

Episode 21,   Aug 26, 2020, 09:55 AM

In the second instalment of our two-part interview with Managing Partner and CEO of TigerRisk Partners Rod Fox, we discuss how market dynamics are shaping up as the run-up to the key 1 January reinsurance and retro renewals begins.

Following the disruption of the Q3/Q4 conference agenda and lack of face-to-face interaction ahead of significant upcoming renewals, Rod shares what strategies the company is deploying in order to assist clients and navigate a more challenging market.

We also talk about future talent development and how training remains an invaluable tool in supporting the next generation of (re)insurance market participants. Rod shares his advice for young people entering the industry and what companies can do to tackle known issues, such as diversity and racial inequality.

Finally, we explore what drives TigerRisk's results culture and the importance of striving to challenge the status quo.

Part I can be found here, as the chief executive talks about the greatest market opportunity in his lifetime, the distribution landscape and the cost of Covid-19.