Plymouth Sound - Launch

Apr 22, 2012, 09:06 PM

Plymouth Sound, the UK’s 11th local commercial (ILR) station, launched on May 19th 1975. Andrew Knight, sounding already capable at the age of 9, uttered the opening words. He’d won a competition on the local TV station, back in the days of local TV stations; and you can hear why.

After a little wrestling with the levels; a puzzling jingle; and a news bulletin hosted by the Programme Head David Bassett, ‘Sunrise Sound’ began. Yes, this was a station of traditional DNA, hence the deployment of programme names. Mind you, the IBA liked them too. Colin Bower hosted the debut programme (later to broadcast on Trent; and often kept me amused with his long tales in the middle of the night as the LP hit the runout groove in the studio below).

His stentorian tones greeted the listeners; and he attempted to link up with a local hospital, to find out more about the first baby sharing the station’s birthday. As you will hear on this audio, I suspect he wishes he hadn’t. We then relaxed to a great example of the station's tuneful music policy. Then he tried again. And again.

The station became much loved in its area, although it struggled, not least by being the smallest link in an imperfect national commercial chain, launching in those dark seventies days.

The station brand lived for 34 years until March 23rd, 2009 when it became part of the Heart brand. #radio