Wednesday, September 2: New Back To School Rules, Armored Truck Stories, And The Woman Who Found A 4-Foot Snake In Her Mouth

Sep 02, 2020, 03:21 PM

Amity Principal Anna Mahon and Superintendent Jenn Byars spoke about the new school year, how students are being kept safe, the rules on masks and more. (0:00)
Dumb Ass News - A TikTok video went viral when a girl's mother fell through the ceiling in the background. (11:41)
Artie in Westbrook told some stories from his life as an armored truck driver, including the insane amounts of money he handled. Then in Dumb Ass News, a woman in Russia woke up with a 4-foot snake in her mouth. (16:29)
Rich had a story about his father who was in a car accident with an armored truck, where money was taken. (26:08)
Comedian Will Noonan has a role in one of the biggest movies on NetFlix from this past week, "The Sleepover." Will called in from his new Hollywood mansion to talk about landing the role, thanks to his uncle's negotiation tactics. (30:29)

Image Credit: Halfpoint / iStock / Getty Images Plus