Meditation with Dermot Whelan

Season 1, Episode 6,   Sep 02, 2020, 11:30 PM

Dermot Whelan is someone I've always had huge admiration for. 

He's a super funny guy and is part of one of the longest standing radio duos Dermot and Dave on Today FM.

Dermot speaks to me today about meditation and how it's added so much to his life. In his early 30s he felt like he was getting signs to re-evaluate. He had a panic attack at the side of the road and one night after a few too many he fell down a flight of stairs in a karaoke bar. That night everything changed and he hasn't looked back. 

Today, Dermot speaks to me about how to address the negative voice in your head, how you can make simple small changes that could actually change your life and he also shows us how we can meditate and do something for ourselves everyday in just 16 seconds. 

Life is busy right now, 2020 has been really hard on us all and I think this podcast has come at a really important time 

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