Thursday, September 3: Hot Dog Week Continues And Who Would Pass A Police Physical?

Sep 03, 2020, 04:25 PM

Paul from Frankie's was on for Hot Dog Week, as Chaz and AJ picked the hot dogs they wanted to eat and Paul explained how the business got started in the 1930s. (0:00)
Bob Stefanowski was on to talk about another mask giveaway event for kids going back to school. Then AJ tries to come up with a mask design that would allow you to safely drink beer in a bar. (9:10)
New Haven Police Sgt. Dana Smith talks about the careers available to anyone who can pass the physical, written and oral test. AJ and Ashley guess who would do better during the physical test. (19:57)
President Trump calls in to talk about vaccines, testing Joe Biden before the debates, and the Melania book. (31:51)
Dumb Ass News - Mike Lapitino made a joke about AJ on the air yesterday afternoon, and AJ fired back this morning. (37:01)