What's behind the UK property and US shares lockdown mini-booms?

Sep 04, 2020, 06:53 PM
The property market in the UK and the stock market in the US appear to be pulling off gravity-defying feats.

The coronavirus crisis is still here, waves of job losses keep on coming and almost everyone is agreed there is more bad news to come.

Yet, shares in the US and house prices in the UK are on the up.

Is there anything behind this other than cheap central bank money and the belief that it will keep flowing and propping up asset prices?

Perhaps, we have underestimated the resilience of the high flying tech stars and the British home buyer?

On this week's podcast Simon lambert and Georgie Frost look at the parallels and differences between the British and American national obsessions of the property market and stock market.

Plus, the mortgage crunch that is locking out first-time buyers from the party and the Metro Bank customer cruelly scammed twice are on the agenda.

And finally, missing Eat Out to Help Out already? We reveal how to keep supporting the economy / wasting money / stuffing your face (delete as applicable depending on your view) for at least the rest of this month.