Buying a New Computer when Blind and Visually Impaired [Part II]

Sep 08, 2020, 12:00 PM
It's a Tech Talk Double Feature this week! Well, kind of....

Firstly, it's the return of RNIB Connect Radio's own Red Szell! A couple of weeks ago, on Tech Talk Episode 336, you may remember Red was in the market for a new laptop. Well, he's only gone and bought one! Steven recommended one from the Dell Inspiron range... did Red splash out on one of those, or something entirely different?

In the second half, Andy finally decides to turn up, so we can finally get to your emails! This week... milk ice cubes, phablets, Nova Launchers on Android phones, looking for Richard III, Silenzio, Samsung Z-Flip phones, and lots more!

If you want to complete the Tech Talk survey (and you only have until the 9th September to do so), click this link here: or email the team at, and Andy will send you the link, and a wee personalised message, if you're nice.

Tech Talk, and it's new motto "Below The Threshold Of Annoying" will return next week... with an old face returning! #RNIBConnect #TechTalk