098. Susan Morrice: I Struck Oil using the Power of my Mind

Episode 98,   Sep 08, 2020, 09:34 AM

If there was ever proof of the power of a positive mindset, Susan Morrice is it. She’s been on an incredible journey that’s taken her from Belfast to Belize, where she became the first person to discover oil, proving all the major oil industries wrong. They’d even spent $400 million in the process. 

How did she do it? With the power of mindset. The belief that there was oil to be discovered and all that was needed to hit the jackpot was a different approach. 

Susan used the ‘whole mind’ way of thinking to build her businesses Belize Natural Energy and created the private aviation company in XJet. A visionary and pioneer in the field of natural and sustainable energy she now travels the world sharing her experience and championing the Educo Holistic Model. 

She shares her journey with Trish and explains why it’s important for entrepreneurs to be cheerleaders for each other.

Host: Patricia Keating
Guest: Susan Morrice, geologist, explorer, entrepreneur

Listening Time: 45 mins

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