Wednesday, September 9: Hartford Gets Hacked, Parents Protest In East Haven, And Ashley Makes Up A New Language

Sep 09, 2020, 03:48 PM

Jeff is the owner of the Chow food truck, will be at the Chaz and AJ Art's Television and Appliance Food Truck Festival. He and Chaz didn't agree very easily on pizza toppings, but in the end agreed on brisket for the event. (0:00)
East Haven schools have dealt with some parent protests recently, due to concerns over the lack of student safety. Laura is a parent and explained the details that most concern her. (10:22)
Dumb Ass News - A montage of Ashley making up a new language, while trying (and failing) to beat AJ in a game of iTunes Trivia from yesterday. (24:01)
Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin explains the ransomware security threat that had public schools closed yesterday in Hartford. The city is working with the FBI and other agencies to attempt to locate the attacker. Plus, Jim Wiltsie explains how this year's Vicki Soto 5K will be conducted. (31:45)

Image Credit: gorodenkoff / iStock / Getty Images Plus