Cultivate Advisors Series: The Influencer

Episode 192,  Sep 10, 2020, 06:00 AM

Graham Desert, Chief Visionary Officer and Managing Partner of Roofing101, and Jaime Rowe, Business Advisor at Cultivate Advisors, join us for episode 192 of Art of Construction. 

To explore the final stage in Cultivate Advisor's Entrepreneurial Journey, we talked to Graham about his new role in his rapidly growing roofing business. Thanks to his vision and leadership, Roofing101 has grown tremendously and has expanded to cities throughout the nation. It now runs without him needing to be there, which has opened up more time and a new space in his life to explore new advancements for his company five, even ten years down the line. 

With this sort of freedom from the day-to-day gained from hard work and dedication, Graham has become an influencer in the world of construction. Influencers are able to rise above the daily grind most of us live in and use their time, brain and willpower to continue to push not only their team, but their industry and the entire world into the future. Join Devon and Jaime as they learn Graham's story and find out what it means to be an influencer!