Judge Dredd For Beginners - 4-Panel Vol. 3, Issue 16

Season 3, Episode 16,   Sep 10, 2020, 01:16 PM

Sometimes you don't have to be a vigilante to stop criminals. Sometimes you don't need superpowers to keep the peace. Sometimes all you need is a shiny helmet, big heavy boots to stomp things, a big gun, a cool motorbike, and the knowledge that you are the drokking law.

Judge Dredd is the most popular and successful character to emerge from the pages of British sci-fi comics anthology 2000 A.D., but with so many comics, stories, plot threads, spin-offs, crossovers, political opinions and more, finding a place to start getting acquainted with the paragon of law enforcement can be difficult.

Thankfully the 4-Panel gang (and resident Drexpert Mick), are ready to take you on a guided tour through the streets and blocks of Mega City One where you can mingle with all sorts of people including norms, flabbies and maybe the odd mutie, play a spot of Aeroball, visit the odd skankerie, learn about the city's history and culture and more. 

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