Dr Hazel Harrison - Return To Work

Episode 7,   Sep 10, 2020, 11:00 PM

Worried about going back to the office or looking forward to getting back together as a team?

Concerned about how it’s all going to work or glad you’re not going to have to work from home anymore? 
The return-to-work carries with it a lot of big questions and today we are going to try and answer a few of them in this bonus episode of our podcast. Host, Adam Saunders, talks again to Dr Hazel Harrison about how we can best prepare for the most positive and productive return to the office; we’ll dive into the many and varied perspectives that exist on the matter and what factors may be at play but out of sight.
Finally, we’ll round up with some key takeaways to help you ensure the best well-being and mental health practices for you and your colleagues in the coming weeks.

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Music featured: "Wonderflux - Visions" by Argofox, used under CC BY

Hosted by Adam Saunders
Research by Charlotte Price
Edited by Fabiana Ottini