Kelly-Anne Smith: Women on Screen Bonus

Sep 14, 2020, 11:26 PM

This is a special short bonus feature highlighting the research Kelly-Anne Smith has done using facial recognition and audio software to capture the reality of women represented on tv screens.

Kelly-Anne Smith is a voice-over artist and presenter based between London and the Cotswolds. Smith is a continuity announcer for Sky Nature in the UK. She started as a radio presenter and was the Drivetime DJ on national station Virgin Radio. 

Her in-depth interview on her own work life and influences is downloadable on the IWP platform along with other real life stories from incredible female broadcasters, inspiring campaigners and successful authors sharing their uplifting adversity stories and their lives influences and mantras to help you with your life 

It is host presented and co-produced  by Nicki Bannerman, executively produced by Nicki Bannerman and Juliette Nicholls and produced by Saffron Mirza.

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