Michael Tackett Talks Going Toe-to-Toe with Trump and Joanne Lipman Illuminates A Hidden Healthcare Crisis

Apr 09, 2020, 07:00 AM

AP Deputy Bureau Chief Michael Tackett shares his thoughts on how to maintain objective, timely and in-depth news reporting around the world, and journalist Joanne Lipman explains how the coronavirus may have unintended negative consequences for sufferers of other major illnesses.

Associated Press Deputy Bureau Chief for all White House, Congressional and political coverage Michael Tackett has seen a lot in his career, and never backed down from a challenge. He discusses how covering controversial basketball coach Bobby Knight in college trained him to deal with Trump, and explains how he stays focused on the issues at hand, even when the president makes things personal. Meanwhile, journalist Joanne Lipman (USA Today, Wall Street Journal) shares details of one the most important stories surrounding the coronavirus pandemic: its impact on a variety of medical treatments and procedures, many of which are lifesaving. And to top things off, Bernie Sander's surprise announcement creates clarity for November.