Ep 026 - Unabashed With Neha Pant and Abhijit Bhaduri

Episode 26,   Sep 13, 2020, 02:43 PM

New business models create new roles in organizations. Sometimes an unusual designation maybe just an early warning for the changes that are coming to your own job. Take the members of HR teams in Organizations for example. 

Are they Human Resources professionals? 
Or workplace experience designers or talent ninjas or learning experience facilitators? 

What could be the future of designations in Marketing or Finance or Supply Chain or Logistics or PR... If Drone delivery becomes the new normal, should we expect to see Drone Fleet Managers or Drone Designers or Drone Warehouse in-charge? 

The possibilities are exciting.
In this episode, Neha Pant (Senior Knowledge Advisor, SHRM India) and Abhijit Bhaduri (Leadership Coach & Author) have a candid conversation about scenarios shaping the work, workforce, and the workplace of the new future.