Episode 60 "QT"

Sep 15, 2020, 01:54 PM

Ninja Please Podcast Episode 60

Episode 60 

Welcome to another edition of the Ninja Please Podcast. 
We start off this episode with Makyo metal gives Black the inside scoop on the new Avengers game. Yes we have covered the game before but this time around we speculate collateral damage and we also learn about the source material concerning the Game and its comic. 
We also discuss the conflict we assume arises when productions are shelved in lieu of the pandemic and producers move onto other films and projects. 

Stereo is a new live podcasting app that's sweeping the app store. Earlier last week Starman had a chance to try it out and pitches it to the crew. 
Later we report a story where clouds of mosquitos sucked cows dry after hurricane Laura. we also explore the conspiracy surrounding these funny mosquitos. 

#cancelnetflix was trending this past weekend due to an online rage over the French Netflix film Cuties. 
Cuties was said to be inspired by the life of the director and writer and highlight the sexualization of children in media and culture. However, this point was not made because of several out of context clips of the film showcasing a sexually suggestive dance sequence went viral, thus prompting outrage. The ninjas react and discuss. 


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