Sen. Timothy E. Wirth on protecting our Republic, and Joseph Serna on the Toll of California's Wildfires

Sep 16, 2020, 10:45 PM

Former Senator Timothy E. Wirth makes no bones about the length’s Trump might go to to hold onto power, and journalist Joseph Serna shares the tragic story of California’s burning forests in intimate detail.

Whether you’re convinced that nothing stands between Trump and another four years in the White House, or you manage to keep faith in the hope Biden’s campaign provides, it behooves all of us to be fully prepared as to what might happen once the vote counts come in on Election Night. United Nations Foundation vice chair and former U.S. Senator Timothy E. Wirth shines a light on all kinds of clandestine efforts the President might pursue in order to obfuscate or nullify a Democratic victory. But as the nation focuses on the election, Los Angeles Time Joseph Serna reminds us that the threat of climate change creates all kinds of future problems, not the least of which have  been manifested by the recent California wildfires.