Bonus Episode: Mystic Messages from the Fifth Dimension!

Episode 14,   Sep 17, 2020, 04:40 PM

Tired of times being "uncertain" and "unprecedented"? So are we, so we decided to play god and take a peek into the future ourselves with the help of some trusty tarot cards and a lot of good old fashioned guessing! 

Who will get a neck tattoo? Who will feel their oats? Who will stop falling so damn much?? The cards will tell all* 

*Meghan is not a psychic** she just watches a lot of tarot Youtube and has an overactive imagination so this is, as is the case with everything we do on this aftershow, Just For Fun TM

**But if you want to throw her a couple bucks to do a private tarot reading she totally will because #hustlelife

"Slappy Theme Song" by Meghan Kelleher