Episode 19: Dave’s back, welcome to the Open University, sector challenges over the centuries and growing mini Che Guevaras

Sep 18, 2020, 03:36 PM
In Episode 19 of University Registrars Talking About Stuff we welcome the return of Dave Hall whose company we haven’t enjoyed since Episode 8. Much of the stuff we catch up on this time is related to Dave settling in to his new role as University Secretary at the Open University, the challenges of changing job during lockdown, the distinctive mission of his new employer (which he has now learned nearly all of) and his pleasure at discovering he would have a campus to work at (eventually). Dave discloses the surprising news that he has developed a new level of basic IT competence which has come in extremely useful in engaging remotely with his colleagues from all parts of the large operation of the OU across the UK. We also discuss the challenges facing our sector in the context of changing government moods and set against the broad sweep of higher education history (“a blip” suggests Dave) and the view form some quarters that all universities are trying to do is grow a load of mini Che Guevaras. It’s good to have him back.