Monday, September 21: RIP RBG, Dumb TikTok Challenge, NFL Weekend Recap

Sep 21, 2020, 04:18 PM

Chaz and AJ reset the celebrity death pool, made their celebrity choices, and explained the controversy over the weekend since multiple people thought they had won. (0:00)
Dumb Ass News - The newest TikTok challenge is predictably stupid, and comes with a sincere warning from a dentist. (5:10)
NFL Agent Joe Linta recaps week 2 in the NFL, where a lot of players were injured. Plus, Tom Brady rebounds with the Bucs, and the Patriots were stuffed at the end of a tight game against the Patriots. (11:13)
Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died, and Chaz and AJ had a lot of clips to remember her incredible life. Included were reactions from President Trump, Bill Clinton, and Joe Biden. (26:03)
Dumb Ass News - A woman was arrested in Oklahoma, and went viral for her failed escape. Her excuse was that she had to poop. (36:50)

Image Credit: peterspiro / iStock / Getty Images Plus