Johan Bävman

Season 4, Episode 2,   Sep 25, 2020, 11:00 AM


Since devising his own independent photography curriculum in high school, Johan Bävman's passion for image making led him to the Nordic School of Photography, a coveted spot on the Moment Agency roster, and a full-time staff position in editorial photography with Sydsvenskan, one of Sweden's largest newspapers. Now 100% independent, Johan splits his time between client assignments, personal projects and gallery work. When he needs a needed break from photography and family life, Johan restores vintage motorcycles at Odd Luck Garage, a collaboration with 13 other fathers.

Johan is dad to two sons: ages 8 & 4.

In this episode, Johan talks about the myriad roles photography's played in his life and career: as a connection to his grandfather, an invitation to embed himself in other cultures, a narrative device for storytelling, and as solution for his dyslexia—allowing him to express himself without the burden of the written word. Johan also talks at length about Swedish Dads, a collection of photographs he self-published in 2016 documenting 45 Swedish men who took advantage of the country's generous parental leave system. Capturing the mundane, beautiful and often lonesome moments of fatherhood, the images, book and exhibit continues to help change policy, shift cultural attitudes, and advocate for gender equality and the rights of women and children.

His photographs are currently on exhibit at Chicago's Swedish American Museum now through November.

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