The Women’s Football Diary: Ella Masar

Sep 25, 2020, 06:00 AM

Alasdair Hooper hosts the third episode of The Women's Football Diary with former Wolfsburg, PSG and FC Rosengard forward Ella Masar.

Masar is currently on one of the biggest journeys of her life right now as she currently gets to grips with being a mum for the very first time alongside her partner, Real Madrid defender Babett Peter.

Their son was born earlier in September and, just as with any new parents, it is sure to be challenge particularly with the small matter of a global pandemic still going on in the background.

But Masar has already experienced massive challenges in her life – from struggling to accept her own sexuality by the age of 25 to the difficulties presented in her teenage years where money was tight, and her mum was battling with bipolar disorder.

But throughout it all Masar has always held on during the tough times for that light at the end of the tunnel.

In this podcast we spoke a matter of days before the US international was due to give birth and it’s clear just how much the 34-year-old has learnt from her incredible life experiences already.


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Image credit: With thanks to Doyenne Sport

Music: Dan Henig