Pennhurst Asylum

Oct 03, 2020, 02:00 PM

Welcome to the special 1 year anniversary episode of History of a Haunting!! Today we bring you a special celebration and a million thank yous for being a part of this last year with us! After the hooplah, settle in while we tell you all about the horrible, awful, no good, really bad place of Pennhurst Asylum. Opened in 1903, the practices and patient treatment came to light in an explosive docuseries and law suit that would eventually force its closure. Today it is considered one of the most infamous haunted locations in the world - with a janitor in the tunnels who chokes people, its very own ghostly nurse Ratched, and the haunting sounds of vomiting and creepy music boxes. This place has it ALL. For extra credit, please check out our buddy podcast The Paranormal Burrito on your favorite station today!