Will Microsoft Officially Say Bethesda is Exclusive to Xbox? | TYQ303

Sep 28, 2020, 06:02 AM

Tonight, we answer questions about Microsoft buying Bethesda, next-gen gaming, console exclusives, expansion cards, Final Fantasy XVI, studio acquisitions, and more!

Here are all of the questions we answer this week:

- Will Microsoft Officially Say Bethesda is Exclusive to Xbox?
- Was the Bethesda acquisition worth $7.5 billion?
- What would be the ultimate Microsoft x Bethesda mashup?
- Will Microsoft force Bethesda to do what it wants?
- What can MS do to keep gamers excited until it releases new exclusives?
- What studio can Sony buy to match Microsoft buying Bethesda?
- Which is better: Proprietary expansion cards or compatible SSDs?
- will be the first next-gen console bundle we see?
- Who has the most potential next-gen: Xbox or PlayStation?
- Could this be the final console generation?
- What can we interpret from the Final Fantasy XVI logo?
- Why do folks who love classic Beat ‘em Ups dislike Musou games?
- Why weren’t people mad that Breath of the Wild was cross-gen?
- Who would win in a fight? Master Chief or Doomguy?
- Which gets announced first: Vita 2 or PSVR2?
- Will we ever see AAA turn-based RPGs again?
- Will PS3 and Xbox 360 games go up in value?
- Will Sony try to acquire more studios to counter MS?
- Why are PlayStation fans suddenly against exclusives?
- What does cloud gaming need to become truly mainstream?
- Why do console fanboys get more vilified than fanboys of other mediums?
- Which studio do you want Sony to purchase to counter MS?

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