Tuesday, September 29: AJ And Ashley In A Survivalist Challenge; The Show Sings With Auto Tune; CT Mayors Debate

Sep 29, 2020, 06:20 PM

Who would be better fit to survive an apocalypse, AJ or Ashley? Kevin the survivalist asked them some question to gauge their instincts. (0:00)
Vin Diesel might be the worst celebrity candidate to try and sing a hit song. However, thanks to the magic of auto-tuning, the song is bearable. Chaz, AJ and Ashley all give an auto-tuning app a spin on the air. (18:50)
Connoisseur Media CEO Jeff Warshaw recommends Chaz try something he's not very familiar with for their next Taste of Haven trip; Middle Eastern cuisine. (26:44)
President Trump calls in about tonight's debate against Joe Biden, who also jumped on the call, but sounded like he was preparing for something completely different. Then, Mayor Mark Boughton of Danbury and Mayor Jay Moran of Manchester squared off in a much more important debate about hot dogs, music, and pineapple on pizza. (32:34)

Image Credit: Sergey Tinyakov / iStock / Getty Images Plus