Richard Dixon's Aunt & Ugly Popcorn

Season 5, Episode 40,  Sep 30, 2020, 10:00 AM


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Opening: We start of the show talking about trick-or-treating in the Quarantine-Era vs. the 1980s, how Tim retaliated against bad candy givers, the dangers of microwave popcorn, Tim's almost done with his diet, the glory of Kerrygold grass-fed butter and bulletproof coffee, Tim's grandma's olio tales, lawyers who advertise on TV vs. political ads, and the Presidential debate. PLUS: New merch on the way!

Tim talks about Topps' Allen & Ginter 2020 releases and the scam of autographs & shows some of his autographs on the YouTube show - and Bert Kreischer's balls.

Steph's Stuff: R.I.P. 'Animal' from The Road Warriors, L.A. Comicon is ON, Spotify employees want to control Joe Rogan, Amazon announces a The Boys spinoff, the new rules for voiceover actors (Family Guy, The Simpsons) & HBO Max is censoring Adult Swim shows, all 45 seasons of SNL to stream on Peacock. 

The Redbox Troll plays 'Rad Libs' with Jeff & Steph.

What We're Watching: Jeff, Steph & Tim talk 'The Boys', 'Raised by Wolves' and 'Utopia'. Staff Picks: Tim suggest everyone listen to the Vinnie Pastore podcast 'Fuhgeddaboudit' / Jeff suggests the South Park Pandemic Special 9/30 8 p.m. Comedy Central & Steph suggests 'Monsterland' coming to Hulu on October 2.

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