Brian Cannon on (What's The Story?) Morning Glory for #MorningGlory25

Episode 135,  Oct 02, 2020, 01:00 AM

Welcome back to the first double episode of Oasis Podcast and 1001 Albums Podcast 

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Today's guest is Brian Cannon @microdotcreativ

0:00 Liam clip and Vision - Shine On

0:26 JC Intro and news

2:49 Roll With It

3:28 Brian Cannon interview

7:07 Swamp song

12:57 Champagne Supernova (Liam recording vocals)

19:55 Hey Now

23:54 Some Might Say

27:42 Hello (Intro amplififed)

30:18  Liam sings Step Out - Maxi Gonzalez mix 

33:48 Morning Glory

40:06 Champagne Supernova

44:46 Cigarettes & Alcohol

46:21 Don't Look Back In Anger

46:52 JC Ending

48:42 Stay Young