Friday, October 2: The President's Coronavirus, Shoeless Airport Criminals, Pop Tart Confusion

Oct 02, 2020, 05:13 PM

The President and First Lady have both tested positively for COVID-19. Experts think the President's weight is going to be an issue, and a Tribe member calls in to share the vastly different experiences and symptoms the four members of her house had while sick with COVID-19. (0:00) 

Dumb Ass News - A couple were arrested at the Miami airport, for not wearing shoes and jumping on the ticket counter to fight with the airport agents. (14:31) 

Fun Fact Friday! Ashley has a huge complaint about Pop Tarts, but is missing an obvious detail. (24:46) 

Dr. Rao is on to talk about the President catching a case of Coronavirus, and then refuses to address AJ strange list of stressors. (29:35) 

A viral news report about the "ninja lady," who saved her elderly neighbor from an attacker with a baseball bat. (37:28) 

Boss Keith's Top 5 followed the theme of "stressors," and he shared the common weekly events that constantly give him stress. (48:29) 

Photo Credit: Getty Images/Garrett Aitken/iStock/Getty Images Plus