What is Sony Hiding About the PlayStation 5? | TYQ304

Oct 05, 06:59 AM

Tonight, we answer questions about the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, next-gen gaming, Watch Dogs Legion, social media outrage, $70 games, and more!

Here are all of the questions we answer this week:

- Has your opinion of the PS5’s design changed?
- Is it better to wait 6-12 months before buying a next-gen console?
- What happens if companies like Amazon or Google buy third-party devs?
- Why do fans believe the PS5’s SSD is its “secret sauce”?
- Did any multi-plat games use DualShock 4 features this gen?
- Why do next-gen systems have 4th-gen SSDs?
- Will Xbox stick with the “Series” branding in the future?
- Is Sony’s withholding of information a marketing strategy?
- Which will perform better: Starfield or Horizon Forbidden West?
- Did Microsoft get Bethesda for a steal in hindsight?
- If you were in Watch Dogs Legion, what abilities would you have?
- What can Tony tell us about the Xbox Series X?
- Will Nintendo ever release $70 games?
- What are Xbox’s top 5 IPs?
- Is it good or bad to announce games years in advance?
- What is the biggest “wow” moment you’ve had in gaming?
- Which Microsoft and Nintendo games should go multi-plat?
- Which PlayStation & Xbox franchises belong in an MCU-style crossover?
- Where do you go when gaming outrage becomes too ridiculous?

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