Oral History Project - Marine Gordon

Season 2, Episode 5,  Oct 05, 2020, 01:40 PM

In this episode of our Oral History Project, we’re sharing a wonderful conversation between two women, Marine and Irene.

Both are women of colour and both have spent time in the care system. But they are from two completely different generations. 

Marine spent the first 16 year of her life in care, specifically our very own Barnardos’ girls village in Barkingside in East London. It was at a time when we were still called Dr Barnardo’s, and it actually doesn’t exist anymore. This village was designed using something called the ‘cottage homes’ model, which believed that young girls could be best supported if they were living in small, family-style groups looked after by a house ‘mother’. The 60-acre site had 65 cottages, a school, a hospital and a church, and provided a home - and training - to 1500 girls. 

Just like Marine, Irene also spent several years in care. But she’s a lot younger. She’s 21 in this conversation, and has just graduated from university.

The purpose of this type of conversation is to give 2 people, one older and one younger, the chance to compare and contrast a shared life experience. 

It gives each of them an opportunity to swap some of the wisdom and knowledge they’ve gained on their respective journey’s, and allows us the chance to learn something too.

Disclaimer: In an effort to keep the authentic voice of the guests, this episode contains language that may be considered offensive to some listeners.