Your health is your wealth

Oct 09, 2020, 05:00 AM
If I told you 84% of farmers under the age 40 are battling with poor mental health what would you say. You’d be shocked, right?
Your health is your wealth, so the saying goes, and the Coronavirus pandemic has certainly tested many individuals and families due to the restrictions and changes in everyday life. 
In this episode, John Bates discusses the importance of mental health with those with first-hand experiences within the farming community and a charity anxious to raise awareness of how, triggered by the rural isolation, loneliness and financial uncertainty, depression and anxiety are a real threat. We have some special guests, who are willing and enthusiastic to support those in need. You’ll hear from: 
1.    Lee Thompson, pig farmer and host of Flat White Chats podcast
2.    Emma Picton–Jones, founder of the DPJ Foundation 
3.    Vicki Beers, National Partnerships Manager from FCN 
It’s worth noting #WorldMentalHealthDay is on Saturday 10 Oct, which gives some appreciation of the scale of the problem. 
If you have 5 mins spare, take a look at the resources and support network available. Please don’t be afraid to speak about your health: 
AHDB Resources: 
External resources: