Rebecca Henderson

Season 1, Episode 5,  Oct 12, 2020, 07:00 AM

How can purpose driven businesses pave the way for opportunity in the new green economy?
In this episode Alannah speaks with acclaimed scholar and Harvard Business School professor Rebecca Henderson. Rebecca is one of the world’s most influential scholars focused on driving large-scale change. Her research explores purpose-driven capitalism and the ways in which the private sector can help build a more sustainable economy. Rebecca’s latest book, Reimagining Capitalism: How Business Can Save the World, lays out a pragmatic roadmap on how business can help catalyse the systemic change we need to build an economy that works for everyone. 
Rebecca talks to Alannah about how to marry purpose with clarity of strategy, the importance of redefining growth to include measures of wellbeing and offers insight into why business leaders find transformational change so difficult.