Thursday, October 8: Dennis House Speaks; Phase 3 Concert Developments; A "Tour" Of AJ's House

Oct 08, 2020, 04:35 PM

Chaz and AJ were teasing the Governor for being so excited about libraries opening up for phase 3, when a real librarian called in to school them on why libraries are so important. (0:00)
AJ takes us all on a mock tour of his house, if he were to put it up for sale on a real estate website. (5:56)
Dennis House was on to explain his departure from Channel 3 after 28 years, and hint at what might come next for him. (9:48)
Jimmy Koplik was on to talk to the Tribe about their favorite CT concerts, but first we all got to listen to a reporter interview Jimmy about Eddie Van Halen. Jimmy said he felt closer to Eddie than any other member of the band as he got to know them all. (24:49)
Dumb Ass News - AJ sounded like he had something stuck in his throat, so of course the sound byte was played and replayed a whole bunch. (45:13)