From Writers Blok and the NBA Paul Shirley author of 'Can I Keep My Jersey?' (PART 2)

Episode 138,   Oct 09, 2020, 10:06 AM

Part 2-of-2 with Paul Shirley 

European basketball and Australian basketball versus NBA
Commenting on race in 2007 compared to today
‘Getting a divorce’ from basketball and the NBA 
Having seen more genitals than a port-side whore
Giving ‘genuine’ meaning to ‘inconsequential’ sports 
Ben Gordon’s essay on mental health and basketball 
(23:55) What endeared you to Chris Anstey as a player and person?
Aren’t whores supposed to negotiate? - fixed NBA salary floors
Paul’s advice on NBL imports and the fan reaction 
Working with Bill Simmons - long story short: it didn’t go well 
Is Paul the hero or the villain of ‘Can I Keep My Jersey?’
Paul’s question asking philosophy for his Writer’s Blok podcast? 
The ‘Stories I Tell On Dates’ podcast and podcasts as a creative outlet 
What kind of money did Paul make writing CIKMJ? 
Paul’s next literary adventure - The Karate Kid in reverse 
What is Writer’s Blok and why you should sign up now
Working in coffee shops versus libraries 
Writing for a podcast