Clive Dickens - Chiltern, BRMB, Capital, ARI, Absolute, Austereo, Seven West, Optus

Episode 112,   Oct 09, 2020, 10:56 PM

The teenage tape reclaimer - whose DNA now remains across UK radio and whose influence is felt around the World.

Clive Dickens opens up rarely – and looks back even more rarely. In this hour of Radio Moments Conversations he shares the journey from his roots at a new Chiltern Radio and how he speedily scaled the heights to group programme director.

As the industry began to consolidate, he tells of his move to the Capital Group, working with Richard Park – and the challenges and opportunities of its newly-acquired BRMB. He talks of the many crossroads in his life – and the encounter that helped him seize them – including the move from Capital to forge his own path.

Clive tells the frank story of the battle for the Absolute Radio name and the impact of the economic crash – and also of his proud legacy there.

He explains his passion for technology, tells the Shazam story, reflects on his work in markets around the world and talks of his move to Australia to Southern Cross Austereo. He shares fascinating insight into the Australian media world and offers his thoughts on the media and communications future – from his new role in Sydney as VP Product Development, TV and Content at the huge telecoms company Optus.

This is Clive Dickens – in his own words – alone.

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