Po Bronson and Arvind Gupta - Decoding The World

Season 1, Episode 55,  Oct 10, 2020, 04:20 PM

Richard Kilgarriff shares OMI with two silicon valley insiders - IndieBio's Arvind Gupta and Po Bronson - as they face down the big questions of life on earth: Cancer, Climate-Change, Covid-19 - According to them, nothing is unsolveable if we innovate, experiment and iterate on a daily basis.

Imagine trying to rebuild the world one business at a time. That's what PO BRONSON AND ARVIND GUPTA are attempting at IndieBio, the science accelerator that Arvind founded in 2014 and where Po is now Managing Director. In their book, DECODING THE WORLD, A ROADMAP FOR THE QUESTIONER, they tackle the big science stories of today and tomorrow by questioning every aspect of modern life and industry.