Will the PS5’s Soldered SSD Become an Issue? | TYQ305

Oct 12, 2020, 06:09 AM

Tonight, we answer questions about the PS5's SSD storage, PS5 vs Xbox Series X's popularity, the Xbox Series S, graphics vs gameplay, next-gen promises, scary games, and more!

Here are all of the questions we answer this week:

- Will the PS5’s soldered SSD become an issue?
- Why aren’t gamers excited to play last-gen games on better hardware?
- How can we add more NVME storage to PS5?
- How will we measure a game’s success next-generation?
- Will the PS5’s expandable storage solution cause issues with parents?
- Is the PS5’s popularity a reaction to how slow Sony released information?
- Why haven’t we seen any hands-on videos of the Xbox Series S?
- What downloads speed increases can we expect from next-gen?
- Do any of you plan to attend a midnight launch for next-gen consoles?
- Will Microsoft buy any more game studios before 2020 ends?
- Which 3rd-party studio acquisitions would fit Sony & Nintendo best?
- What is more important: Graphics or gameplay?
- What are the top-five overlooked games of this generation?
- Which “next-gen” slogan actually lived up to its promise?
- What are your favorite scary non-horror games?
- Is it enough for Microsoft to buy studios to bolster its games lineup?

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