103. Bootstrapping to Bumper Payday

Episode 103,   Oct 13, 2020, 02:42 PM

According to a recent report by O2, the Covid-19 lockdown gave rise to around 200,000 new businesses. We know that crises give rise to unique conditions that fuel innovators to create rapid, impactful solutions.

That is certainly true of Valerie and Noel Moran. The couple founded Prepaid Financial Services in 2008, during the height of the last recession. At the time no one believed it would work. But with bootstrapping, hard graft and a ton of belief they proved the naysayers wrong. In 2019, PFS was sold for 327 million euros. Following the deal Valerie became the first black woman to be listed in the Sunday Times rich list.

In this episode Valerie and Noel talk to Trish about how they built the company from nothing, the importance of promoting a diverse and inclusive workplace and how they are now giving back by supporting youth charities in their local community and in Valerie's native Zimbabwe.

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Host: Patricia Keating
Guests: Noel and Valerie Moran founders https://prepaidfinancialservices.com/en/

Listening Time: 45 mins

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