Wednesday, October 14: The Scariest Movies You Haven't Heard Of; Cougar Stalks Hiker; Dumb Ass News

Oct 14, 06:03 PM
A cougar stalked a hiker on a trail in Utah, Chaz and AJ played the audio and then called Trapper Don about how to handle such a situation. Then, Ashley wanted to follow up on Trapper Don's "area." (0:00)

Dumb Ass News - An 11-year-old kid stole a school bus and took it on a 13-mile joyride. (15:29)

So, what does the iPhone 12 actually do? Steve Greenberg the Gadget Guy was on to share the biggest details on the new release. (21:46)

Movie Critic Joe Meyers took calls from the Tribe, to help construct a list of great horror movies, that are not so well known. (35:19)

Dumb Ass News - An Alaskan news reporter was fired, the mayor quit, and that's just the beginning. The funniest part was when the reporter couldn't say "genitalia" correctly. (46:35)

Image Credit: Randomerophotos / iStock / Getty Images Plus