How managers use four levers to bring out the greatness of others with Lukas Michel

Nov 05, 2020, 06:00 AM
Today’s dynamic business environment requires new ways to manage, lead, work, and organize. Traditional paradigms of efficiency, agency theory, transactions and scale are replaced or augmented with principles that focus on people, self-organization, and purpose for greater innovation and growth. To expand on his previous books, Lukas Michel presents new research, practical applications and the experience with People-Centric Management, agile organization and work on the system to establish new management where people unlock their talent, master greater challenges and perform at their peak. 

Lukas Michel is the author of People-Centric Management and the owner of Agility Insights AG, based in Switzerland, and CEO of AGILITYINSIGHTS.NET, a global network of experienced business mentors. In addition to lecturing at universities, licensing his own agile mentoring methodology, writing on management issues and building his consulting net- work, Lukas is a business leader with a track record of balance sheet accountability in his work for global corporations in Europe and Asia.