Thursday, October 15: CT's Biggest Cities Halloween Plans; Small Things That Ruin AJ's Entire Day; The First Big Concert Of 2021

Oct 15, 04:34 PM
Bridgeport Mayor Ganim and New Haven Mayor Elicker both called in to talk about Halloween, trick-or-treating, and their favorite candy. After a brief argument over their chosen candies, both mayors shared the plans their cities have to keep residents safe, while still enjoying the holiday. (0:00)
Chaz and AJ wanted to do a quick segment about small things that ruin your day. AJ went first, so the segment was not quick, because he's bothered by so many things every day. (12:55)
Live Nation's Jimmy Koplik officially announced the Lynyrd Skynyrd show for next summer, which he booked just because Governor Lamont asked for it. Chaz and AJ then took calls from the Tribe about the CT shows they've seen, and found a number of Tribe members who remember Sammy Hagar being booed off the stage in the early 80's, opening for ZZ Top. (15:52)
Joe "the weed guy" was on to explain the importance of Governor Lamont signing a hemp cultivation bill, and Derby mayor "Zeke" was on to talk about his bout with COVID-19. (33:16)
Dumb Ass News - A negative Yelp review ended in a fistfight between the restaurant owner and the poster. It turns out the original review was personally motivated. (45:47)
President Trump addresses his recovery from COVID-19, using "Macho Man" at rallies, and a quick update from a confused Joe Biden. (51:53)

Image Credit: Александр Довянский / iStock / Getty Images Plus