Friday, October 16: The Most Famous Person You've Ever Met; Danbury's "Red Zone" Problem; Fun Fact Friday Gets Derailed

Oct 16, 03:40 PM
Chaz shares a few stories about he and Jennifer both getting signs from Kitty this week. (0:00)
Chaz and AJ asked the Tribe to share stories about the most famous person they've ever met, and Doug in Norwalk had a memorable bar session with Keith Richards. (9:43)
Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton addresses his city being classified in the "red zone," and what changes he might introduce because of that fact. Plus, how will Halloween work in Danbury, and when is John Oliver coming in to meet the sewage plant named after him? (12:41)
Comedian Chris DiStefano was on the phone to share a story about getting kicked out of school, the first school day back in class after 9/11. (25:46)
President Trump and Joe Biden both called in for Fun Fact Friday, but it was a call from Emma in Wallingford that derailed the show with what should've been a very easy math problem. (34:37)
After six weeks in Texas volunteering to help out with COVID-19, Young Chaz is on his way home! (43:27)
The Chaz and AJ TV chatroom on Twitch were roasting Ashley for eating habits on camera, when she keeps complaining that she has to lose weight before her wedding. (47:23)
Boss Keith shared the Top 5 things that people say or do, that immediately eliminate them from potentially being friends with him. (50:06)

Image Credit: Robert Daly / OJO Images