Dr. José Domene Explains the Article Publication Process

Oct 16, 2020, 09:15 PM
In Episode 3 of Behind the Science of Career Development, APCDJ Editor and Global Career Guy Brian Hutchison hosts Dr. José Domene, Professor at the University of Calgary, Canada to learn the story of his role as Associate Editor of APCDJ. This wide-ranging conversation covered several topics of interest for career practitioners and scholars including his background, how an academic journal works, how to think about research, and the process of developing scholarship for publication. 
This conversation really digs into the basics of professional scholarship including:
  • Key terms in the academic scholarship process.
  • The different roles and responsibilities of the journal staff and Editorial Board.
  • The types of research methodologies and articles one can publish. 
  • A case example of a college career center program evaluation study that might be published in APCDJ.
  • The special process that APCDJ uses to encourage authors first time and early career scholars to write for APCDJ.
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