Darren Dunn - The Hottest Data Resource In Tourism

Oct 21, 2020, 12:00 PM
Darren Dunn, President at Entrada Insights Inc., joins this episode of the Destination Marketing Podcast to talk all about one of the up and coming data companies in the tourism industry. Listen and learn how Entrada is revolutionizing the way that destinations view data on their visitors and learn how it might be helpful in your destination.

"If we can't humanize the data, destinations aren't going to understand it and they're not going to be able to tell stories with it. Bringing this together is going to be healthy for the destination industry and for me, it's rewarding because it's allowing me to help destinations tell amazing stories and figure out not only what to do, but more importantly right now what not to do." -Darren Dunn

Click here to learn more about Entrada Insights Inc.

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