Wednesday, October 21: Hartford's Rat Problem; COVID Rising; More Of The Best Horror Movies You've Never Heard Of

Oct 21, 06:16 PM
Hartford has a huge rat problem! Dave "The Rodent Wrangler" was on to explain how rats settle into a certain area, and why it's so difficult to get them out. (0:00)
Kent Pierce from News 8 was on to talk about how schools are handling rising rates in COVID-19 cases, and a news report where NY Governor Cuomo sounds concerned about Connecticut. (13:47)
Movie Critic Joe Meyers continues a list of horror movies to watch that maybe you've never heard of before. (29:57)
Dumb Ass News - A 5-year-old brought the wrong bottle to school, thinking it was hand sanitizer. Then, Chaz and AJ tried to understand a relationship that lasts 70 years! (48:21)

Image Credit: Susanne Kosig / iStock / Getty Images Plus