Nosa Eguae

Jun 22, 2020, 11:09 PM
Nosa Eguae came to Auburn from Texas. His mother and father came to the United States from Nigeria. After paying for tuition, Nosa's father had $136. His mother was still a year away from coming to the U.S. They built a life and started a family, his father a micro biologist and his mother a nurse. Nosa started in both of Auburn's National Championship games, a victory and a title against Oregon and heartbreaking loss to Florida State three years later. In between those two games, was two years of heartache for teammates lost and a coaching change.
In 2018, Nosa gave a Ted Talk on the disease of low expectations to a group of children in Chicago, where he lives. He continues to inspire today. The story of Nosa Eguae is featured in this Talking Tigers Podcast, presented by Wickles Pickles.