Testing Times: Retrieval Practice and its role as a valid study technique

Season 2, Episode 9,   Oct 22, 2020, 11:01 PM

As parents we’re often confronted with situations where our teens will tell us, “I just don’t know how to” or “I’m just no good at remembering this”. From our own experiences too, we might have found that we’ll recall some things very easily even from childhood – the rhyme about Henry VIII’s wives – but other things seem to slip through or harder to grasp – what those wives names were. Is there a way that we can help our young people – and possibly ourselves – to better recall the information we’re told?

This week we are looking at Retrieval Practice. This is a phrase that is being used a lot by teachers and educators, although many of us parents may not have come across it. Today’s guest defines it as the act of recalling learned information from memory and in doing so make the original memory stronger.

In this episode The Study Buddy Founder, Nathan is talking with Kate Jones. Kate is Head of History at The British School Abu Dhabi in The United Arab Emirates. Kate is also the author of the highly acclaimed “Retrieval Practice” and excitingly soon to release “Retrieval Practice 2”. If that weren’t enough, she regularly speaks at international educational conferences, provides training to educators the world over and has a podcast “The Love To Teach” and manages her dedicated teaching and learning blog lovetoteach87.com

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